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There are few incidents at ABAC, but the institution attempts to be prepared for any emergency event. Find information below about events and procedures in case of an emergency.


A TORNADO WATCH means that a tornado is probable.

A TORNADO WARNING means that a tornado has actually been sighted somewhere in the general area.

If a tornado is sighted:
1. If time permits, go to a basement or interior hallway on the first floor.
2. If time does not permit, get into the safest area of your classroom, office, dormitory, etc. (the inside wall furthest away from doors and windows).
3. Avoid windows, auditoriums, gyms, or other structures with wide, free span roofs.
4. Take shelter beneath your desk or any heavy furniture available.
5. Assume a curled position so as to protect your head

Civil Defense Siren
The Tift County Emergency Management Agency provides immediate notice of impending dangers through the siren atop the student center. The siren is tested on the second Tuesday of each month at 2 p.m.

Please take note of the following siren information and take action when the siren is activated.

1. A 3 to 4 minute continuous siren sound means that there is threatening weather or other natural disaster in progress. This alarm is activated in cases of TORNADO WARNING or other emergencies.

2. A 3 to 4 minute wavering siren indicates nuclear fallout.

Bomb ThreatsBomb threats are rare at Abraham Baldwin College, but they do occur. As the receiver of a bomb threat, you can provide the most information to ABAC Police by obtaining as much information as possible from the caller. Things to ask include:
-Location of the bomb
-Time of detonation
-Type of bomb
-Reason for the bomb

Concentrate on the caller’s voice (race, sex, age, accent, nervousness, etc.) And any background noises you may hear (indoors, outdoors, music, television, voices, laughing, etc.) This information will assist in identifying the caller. Call the ABAC Police Department immediately by dialing 911. Do not panic! The ABAC Police Department will assist in searching the area. The assistance of police personnel may be requested. The daily users of the office areas are better qualified to determine what is “out of place” or unusual.

The ABAC Police Department will notify other agencies as needed. The ABAC Police and the building supervisor will work together to determine if evacuation of the building is required. The time difference between the received bomb threat call and the alleged time of explosion will be a factor in making any decision to evacuate the building. Most bomb threats are made to disrupt classes, examination, or office routines. The eventuality of an actual bomb being places is extremely rare. However, the ABAC Police department takes every threat seriously and will investigate the bomb threat thoroughly.

Sex Offender Registration and Registry
Any person who is required under the laws of the state of Georgia to register as a sex offender is also required to provide written notice to the ABAC Police Department that they are enrolled as a student, carry on a vocation, or employed by Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. Furthermore, the student or employee is required to provide written notice of each change in enrollment or employment to the ABAC Police Department. The Sex Offender Registry for the State of Georgia is located on the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Web site: The Sex Offender Registry for those persons enrolled as a student, carry on a vocation, or employed by Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College may be viewed at the ABAC Police Department Office.

Click Here for the Abraham Baldwin College Emergency Response Plan 2016.